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MetaPWR Kit

The complete, all-in-one powder, supplementation + topical system for anti-aging and longevity. It helps to dramatically decrease cravings, clear thoughts, boost energy, and improve metabolic health. 

Wholesale: $174.25
(Save $58 off retail pricing) 
150 PV 
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Healthy Habits Kit

Intended for daily use, this kit provides everything to create a healthy, optimized routine for nutritional and digestive health, and metabolic balance, including supplements, capsules + health-restoring ingestibles.

Wholesale: $195.00
(Save $65 off retail pricing) 
125 PV 

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Natural Solutions Kit

All of the green home cleaning basics + products to eliminate harmful chemicals and toxins from your home. This robust kit is for the person who goes ALL IN on their health, including, their personal care and mental health. It’s one of the most robust wellness bundles… but it also has the biggest cost savings.

Wholesale: $450.00
(Save $150 Off of Retail Pricing)
345 PV
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Home Essentials Kit

The staple collection for pretty much any home including scents for stress relief, energizing, soothing, balance, and health. 

Wholesale: $270.00
(Save $83 Off of Retail Pricing)
235 PV 

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Oil Collectors Kit

With the Oil Collectors Kit, you are given complete access to build your oil knowledge and personally experience the effects of the abundant benefits of dōTERRA essential oils.

Wholesale: $1,950.00
(Save $650 off retail pricing)
1750 PV

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More About dōTERRA

All of dōTERRA products are created from the most highly sourced essential oils available. 

As the world leader in sourcing, testing, manufacturing, and distributing CPTG® essential oils, dōTERRA has a global network of more than five million customers. 

dōTERRA, the Latin derivative meaning “gift of the Earth,” sets the gold standard for essential oils by providing customers with products that have undergone rigorously tested specifications for purity, efficacy, and safety. 

As the trusted steward for oils and wellness lifestyle products for decades, dōTERRA has become the go-to choice for conscious consumers looking for healthy alternatives and supportive solutions for themselves and their families using the best sources in the world.

dōTERRA is committed to clean, pure, good-for-ya products – starting at the source. And with their greatest asset: people.  

Co-Impact Sourcing™ by dōTERRA helps health-conscious individuals find safe solutions  while also lifting entire communities—giving them hope for the future. 

TheCo-Impact Sourcing initiative ensures that all dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® not only prioritize high quality ingredients, but give back to the earth and empower the people producing the products to live better, high quality lives.

Two-thirds of the countries dōTERRA works with are developing countries. This means increasing opportunities for underrepresented communities, creating sustainable, safe jobs, and helping form organizations and cooperatives.

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